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Email Filtering Services

Latest Antivirus Protection

All emails are scanned using the latest virus protection that is updated several times a day.

Spam Check

All emails are checked for spam or inappropriate content making your employees more productive.

Email Continuity

If your server goes offline you can access your email via webmail until it is back up and running.

Support Summary

  • User Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • New Users
  • Email Issues
  • Patch Management
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Virus Support
  • UPS Software
  • Printing Issues
  • Remote Access
  • Mobile Email
  • Internet Access
  • 3rd Party Liaison

Email Filtering Services?

From just £1 a month per user, Alpha Tech Support can provide corporate level email filtering that screens all incoming email into your business for viruses and junk email before it enters your business.

Once a day you will receive an email summarising the emails that have been blocked with an option to release them and permanently allow them through unfiltered in the future. We can also produce stats on how well the filter is working for your business:

Centrally manage and secure remote access for service desks and IT admins. Sign up for a free trial to test.

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