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Microsoft Server

Daily System Checks

In the background, we will check your systems daily to make sure your network is running correctly and your data is being backed up safely.

Remote Access

If remote access is available we can take control of the computer to ensure a speedy fix with minimal disruption.

Help Desk

We operate a full-time helpdesk so your business can get support when you need it.


  • A central backup for all your important data for offsite storage.
  • Protect your files from unauthorised access.
  • Secure storage to share files amongst employees.
  • Shared printers throughout your organisation.
  • Employees can work from anywhere.
  • Local hosted applications provided to multiple users across your business.
  • Access control to all your information.
  • Run multiple virtual servers reducing cost.

How Does It Work?

We appreciate the investment in a server infrastructure can be significant, but over the medium term this will be realised many times over through the added benefits to your business.

Alpha Tech Support perform server implementations and upgrades every month with immediate positive results. We can minimise the impact of any server changes through thorough planning and a well practiced process we have developed.

Centrally manage and secure remote access for service desks and IT admins. Sign up for a free trial to test.

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