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Server Virtualisation

Daily System Checks

In the background, we will check your systems daily to make sure your network is running correctly and your data is being backed up safely.

Remote Access

If remote access is available we can take control of the computer to ensure a speedy fix with minimal disruption.

Help Desk

We operate a full-time helpdesk so your business can get support when you need it.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduce data centre/server footprint
  • Increased server availability
  • Simplified administration and maintenance
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery
  • Faster server provisioning

How Does It Work?

Historically, each server in a business ran on a dedicated piece of  hardware with many companies running multiple servers. With the huge increase in hardware performance, virtualisation enables multiple operating systems and applications to run on as little as a single host, making your entire infrastructure simple to manage and far more efficient.

Virtualising your infrastructure enables a business to benefit from high availability and uptime while reducing the amount of physical hardware that needs to be purchased. With a correctly scaled virtual environment, your business can quickly and easily adapt to new requirements and changes as they happen.

Key benefits of virtualisation include simplified IT infrastructure, reduced operating costs, increased flexibility and rapid disaster recovery.

Centrally manage and secure remote access for service desks and IT admins. Sign up for a free trial to test.

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